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Working with Studio Hyperset, you’ll help build engaging solutions for complex challenges and further our mission:
Helping clients grow and evolve, empowering and adding value to their businesses and lives, and working with them to find catharsis and formal order in a world of anxiety and chaos.
    Distributed, global team
    Work/life balance
    Flexible hours
    Substantial professional development, career advancement, and income opportunities
    Hardware, software, and platform independence
    Independence and empowerment
    Small, flexible, passionate team
    Happy, evangelistic clients
    Transparency and integrity
    Vision-, passion-, and action-oriented
    Experimentation and discovery
    Guidance- and teaching-oriented management

Open Positions

    We don’t have any open positions at this time, but if you’re interested in working with our team, email us at [email protected] We’re always interested in connecting with talented, passionate people.

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Content Editor Overview

Studio Hyperset is searching for a content editor to help polish in-house and client content offerings and prepare these offerings for public release. For the immediate future, the position will be part-time and contract-based. However, as SH grows, this could evolve into a full-time position, one that the editor could perform anywhere s/he has access to an internet connection.
This position also offers excellent professional development opportunities. Content marketing is emerging as the dominant business development paradigm of our time, and it likely represents the practical future for most creative activity — writing, visual artistry, filmmaking — in the US.
As such, in addition to editing content, the editor will learn how to collaborate with a virtual team, gain exposure to progressive marketing strategies and technology resources, and enhance his/her working knowledge of blogging, social media marketing, and online content offerings (eg., infographics).
Skills and Qualifications
Depending on preference, the editor can be paid hourly or per offering (post, infographic, &c). Rates will be commensurate with experience. Performance bonuses are also available.
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